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Professional Experience


American Council on Education

  • Led, managed, and mentored the 6-person creative content team—consisting of graphic designers, editors, and project managers—to effectively produce over 1,400 projects annually

  • Effectively managed the department budget

  • Used technical expertise in creative design and editorial review to guide and review work for brand adherence, ensuring the client’s vision is accurately translated to the end product, and all goals of the project are met

  • Crafted and shaped brand narrative and drove consensus across both executive and product stakeholders

  • Worked across programs and projects to define, maintain, and better the tools, processes, and communication surrounding ACE’s storytelling

  • Collaborated and engaged with higher education executives to lead my team in conceptualizing, storyboarding, and producing industry-changing graphics, data visualizations, and reports


American Council on Education

  • Led the 5-person design and editorial staff and managed the department budget to successfully produce over over 1,400 projects annually

  • Helped clients define creative goals, create the most impactful project, and measure success

  • Conceptualized, designed, and produced branded materials such as print collateral, nation-wide marketing campaigns, social imagery, environmental graphics, and short animations

  • Created original, recognizable, and cohesive branding for ACE’s annual conferences, podcasts, and sub-branded sites

  • Implemented and improved upon highly-collaborative creative processes to ensure the timeliness and quality of each product


American Council on Education

  • Worked independently to create unique artwork and designs for print and digital materials

  • Created interactive and easily digestible visuals to help readers accurately interpret large data sets or complex ideas

  • Worked within the ACE brand guidelines to create cohesive and attractive publications

  • Led the creative team in collaboration with editorial, marketing, and public relations staff to seamlessly release projects and advertise events

  • Served on the 100th Anniversary Committee, creating special projects and council-wide initiatives


American Council on Education

  • Coordinated, organized, and managed production of more than 30 publications simultaneously, and over 300 annually

  • Acted as the liaison between ACE and all clientele to ensure all publications are accurate, timely, and perfectly executed

  • Collected and presented data to help continuously improve the production team’s functionality

  • Scheduled, coordinated with outside authors, and reviewed and approved proofs of ACE’s flagship magazine, The Presidency


BAE Systems

  • Worked with the senior editor to edit technical documents pertaining to the operational testing of US Marine Corps equipment

  • Edited and produced a 300-page operational manual based on solid understanding of technical content

  • Decreased spending by digitizing training manuals for US Navy clients

  • Designed graphics and presented key deliverables to the customer in quarterly collaboration meetings with the US Navy and federal government

  • Helped with the organization, data verification, and presentation of contract proposals

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